Exploring the Blogosphere

The blogosphere: an interesting phenomena of the 21st century that allows us to access and share our interests in an entirely new way. In order to fully understand this brave new world, so to speak, I dived in to find a few interesting blogs to span across a wide range of interests, and the following is what I emerged with.

1. A Beautiful Revolution

A Beautiful Revolution is the creation of Andre Jordan; an unconventional twist on blogging that’s part art gallery, part therapy session, and part social revolution, this doodle-filled look into Jordan’s mind offers a visual intellectual journey one doesn’t often encounter. The intended audience seems to be those who, like Jordan, struggle with depression, or people who wish to understand the disease from a personal rather than medical standpoint. Though there’s very little writing on the blog itself, the pictures and “doodles,” as he calls them, tell a story all their own, and create fresh perspective, as well as entertainment, for anyone is the blogosphere.

2. The Thinking Stick (The 4Cs of Learning)

This blog, run by Jeff Utecht, focuses on technology in education, and discusses at length that the only way to educate modern students is to become modern teachers. In the article linked here, he lists the 4Cs of Learning; Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. He tailors these 4Cs, however, to the modern learner, and how the modern teacher can teach them this way. Teachers must teach communication the way the world communicates, i.e. social media, blog posts, emails and texts, etc. They also muct collaborate across space and time, meaning that in the modern age, communication is nearly limitless, and educators must teach students how this changes the way they communicate with the world. Similarly, the student must be creative to a global audience, because we live in a smaller world than ever, and access to other people’s creations has never been easier; how do we teach students to create with the entire world in mind? And finally, thinking of Creative Thinking as creating problem finders rather than just problem solvers; specifically, this means making students ambitious and courageous enough to find the problems that need to be solved themselves, rather than waiting to be presented with one. Overall a little dry, but interesting topics/ideas being discussed.

3. Sidetracked

A golden jellyfish, Mastigias papua, swims in a marine lake in Palau. This jellyfish has a symbiosis with zooxanthellae, a photosynthetic dinoflagellate.

This is definitely the most interesting blog I’ve ever come across. Other than being well-designed and user friendly, it acts as every adventurer’s virtual dream land; you can chose to explore places by continent. landscape, or preferred transportation, and each link you click leads you to a new destination, with incredible images and exciting stories to match. It’s aptly named, as well; I spent easily an hour on the sight before I remembered I was in the middle of this post. Highly reccomend this blog for travelers, adventures, and explorers alike.


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