Oh, dear me! A Letter to the Writer I Am

(Myself, the writer)

In my comp class we were asked to write a letter to ourselves as writers as part of a morning exercise; here is the result.


Dear Kaitlyn,

You’ve been writing for quite awhile now. It has become an integral part of who you are, not just to you but to other people. Stop and think for a moment: there are people in this city that think of you primarily as a poet (in other words, a writer); give yourself some credit for that.

But let’s not stop here; we have so much work to do. I want you to work on the Daily Writer pose, so to speak; sit down and write something every. single. day.

And not just journaling or blogging, but try short stories, poetry, thoughts on the things you see in the media, thoughts on the things you see in the classrooms you observe every week, and really work on reflecting.

Somewhere you might wobble: you tend to think of yourself as the busiest person in the world; you’re not. You have time. You can do this. I think you might even end up enjoying it.

Okay, here’s how you’re going to do it; right after the yoga class that ends your day, go home, find a silent lounge, turn on your writing music, and write write write. about absolutely anything. for at least ten minutes — without stopping.

Maybe this will help you finally start thinking of yourself as the successful writer that you truly are.

Happy writing,



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