Unfamiliar Territory:ugp journal

I’ve just started writing a serious draft for the UGP; it’s tough going, to say the least. I worked pretty consistently for a little over two hours and got four or five sentences written — three of which are already crossed out. To be honest, it has been a little frustrating. The most difficult part of memoir writing thus far has been going through my life experiences to decide what stories I feel need to be told. It has involved a lot of self-reflection and even some uncomfortable realizations; overall, however, very productive.

This project has forced me to really think about what I believe about education, and how I’m going to incorporate these beliefs into my career; I’ve learned that my beliefs about education can be boiled down to one statement: Education is for Everyone.

Like I said, it’s been productive. I hope to work on writing in my unfamiliar genre everyday to get some momentum going; also to get this project done on time. If I’m only getting two or three good sentences in a day, I better get a move on.

Considering I’ve never even tried to write in this genre (memoir) before, it’s no surprise I’m having this much trouble. It is proving exceptionally difficult to write about myself in a more narrative form; I’m so used to journaling and writing my thoughts as they come and then leaving them on the page; now I have to take these thoughts and organize them into a cohesive story with a “what I’ve learned” and “what I believe” take away at the end. That’s a pretty bug task. But so far I’ve loved working with my thoughts and trying to organize them into a story; hopefully something decent will come of it soon!

Wish me luck — I’m gonna need it.


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