Open Door, Open Mind: Teaching and Learning in Public


Open door policies make a lot of sense to me; this may be because I’m a preservice teacher and am learning to teach in a rather progressive era. That being said, the idea of shutting myself in and not sharing my knowledge with the community around me (at the very least) sounds hypocritical; I would never want my students to do that, so why should I?

As a newer teacher — especially in my first year — I imagine I will be making a lot of mistakes. I recognize that if I have an “open door policy,” I am sharing these mistakes along with my successes. But some of the best advice I’ve received as a preservice teacher has come from new teachers sharing their mistakes; I want to share my mistakes in the hopes that others will learn from them, and share my successes in the same spirit.

I hope that I stay this open-minded as I begin my career. I want to be an example to my students that having knowledge is really about sharing it; everything you learn is only useful if you use it, and teaching someone else just means you know it better.

So I hope that my classroom door is always open — to students and teachers alike — to share in my learning and mistakes.

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